Silver Grizzly tarps are not just your ordinary tarps. They are not only durable and useful, but they also look elegant and magnificent. With their shiny exterior, Silver Grizzly tarps can make any place or venue appealing and sophisticated.

Their silver color adds brightness and vibrancy to your home or shop. Our heavy duty tarps speak of modernization as they don’t look like those traditional tarps you can easily find in the market.

We aim to give you wonderful and memorable experiences through our top grade and high-quality Silver Grizzly tarps so make sure to check them out.

Specifically, you can use our 12 x 20 Silver Grizzly tarps as a tent cover, cordage, a privacy shield, a raincoat or even a fishnet. You can also use them to cover a roof leak, catch rainwater, distill water, cover hay, keep firewood dry and drag heavy objects. The uses of heavy duty tarps are limitless not only in camping but also in your home. Our 12×20 Silver Grizzly tarps have superior quality.

They are made of a tight 14 x 14 sq. inch polyethylene weave which makes them extremely durable. This material is laminated on both sides and is 5.5 oz. /square yards. Our tarps are very easy to install and they have stronger ends to prevent tears during application.

Silver Grizzly tarps are just one of the many high-quality tarps we offer and we are proud to say that we have helped a lot of customers in many ways because of our efficient and affordable products.
We offer waterproof tarps of different sizes and colors at very affordable prices so you can get the best Grizzly tarp for your specific needs.