What are tarps?

A tarp, or a tarpaulin, is a large sheet made out of heavy-duty material that has been treated to be water-resistant or waterproof. This type of product has a variety of uses. Waterproof tarps are utilized by the average consumer for covering appliances such as grills, vehicles, firewood and roof tarps cover as well as providing shelter during outdoor pursuits. Professionals use tarps in construction projects such as floor coverings or roof coverings. Heavy duty tarps, on the other hand, are used in a variety of applications in several industries such as agriculture, aerospace, manufacturing, and utilities. Tarps can also be used for recreational purposes such as picnic blankets and water slides.

Products Offered by Grizzly Tarps

Grizzly Tarps is the manufacturer of choice when it comes to creating multi-purpose, lightweight, long-lasting tarps that cover the entire range of applications. There are two product lines offered - the light duty Blue Grizzly Tarps and the heavy duty Silver Tarps.

The Blue Tarps are light duty tarps made from a tight 8x8 square inch polyethylene weave. These plastic tarps have incredible durability. They're also lightweight and easy to use. Aside from being waterproof, they are also mildew-proof, washable, and feature heat-sealed seams. There are grommets every 36 inches to allow for secure tie-downs. In addition, a rope has been sewn inside the hem to reinforce the tarp's strength and durability. Even during stressful applications, these poly tarps won’t tear. These premium products come in various sizes starting at 5'x7' to a sheet as large as 30'x40' tarps.

The Silver Grizzly Tarps have been specifically designed to provide heavy duty coverage for various industrial applications. These superior grade tarps are also waterproof, mildew-proof, and washable. They also feature heat-sealed seams with border piping to enhance the tarp’s durability. Unlike the Blue line, these products have a tarp thickness of 10 mils, a tight 14x14 square inch polyethylene weave, and grommets every 18 inches. Moreover, these waterproof tarps are UV-proof. The Silver Grizzle Tarps come in four sizes - 8'x10', 12'x16', 12x20 tarp, and 20'x30'.

Why Choose Grizzly Tarps?

Grizzly retail and wholesale tarps dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and excellent performance has made it the #1 choice for tarps in both the consumer and industrial markets. Our manufacturing methods have ensured that all our hay tarps and camping tarps have been designed to be tough, easy to handle, and long-lasting. More importantly, our tarps meet all our customers' covering needs.


Grizzly Tarps further enforces its tarps with border piping to ensure stronger ends, avoiding tears during stressful application.


Supplied with built-in grommets every 34″ allows for secure tie-downs.


Grizzly Tarps can be used for the protection for boats, cars or motor vehicles, helping provide shelter from wind, rain, sun or sunlight. Grizzly Tarps may also be used as emergency roof patch material, as a temporary truck bed cover, emergency blanket,  ground cover, protect storage, or drop sheet. No matter what the application, Grizzly Tarps waterproof, lightweight, and washable material presents a stronger, more durable tarp that will provide the user with longevity for all covering or protective needs



The superior grade tarps by Grizzly Tarps are made from a tight 8 x 8 sq. inch polyethylene weave that provides durability. This method of manufacture gives you a long-lasting cover that is lightweight and easy to handle.

  • 5 Mil tarp
  • True 8x8 weave
  • Woven and laminated polyethylene
  • PC grommets every 34 inches
  • Heat-sealed seams
  • Rope in hem
  • Waterproof
  • Mildew-proof
  • Washable



The superior grade tarps by Grizzly Tarps are made from a tight 14 x 14 sq. inch polyethylene weave that provides durability. This method of manufacture gives you a long-lasting cover that is lightweight and easy to handle.

  • 10 Mil tarp
  • True 14x14 weave
  • Woven and laminated polyethylene
  • PC grommets every 18 inches
  • Heat-sealed seams
  • Rope in hem
  • Waterproof
  • Mildew-proof
  • Washable
  • UV-proof

Grizzly Tarps offers top-notch waterproof tarps to residential and commercial customers. Our superior line of products can be used as durable protective coverings for all sorts of things, and for many different applications.


Grizzly multipurpose tarps have a lot of uses –  from home/personal projects like repairing roofs, covering cars and equipment, building sheds, and camping, to extensive industrial projects like hauling, transporting goods, and covering construction areas and scaffolding. Our tarps are made from high-quality materials and are absolutely built to last.

Advantages of Using Tarps

  • Waterproof

Tarps make an excellent product to protect your valuables from bad weather conditions, especially when you are moving or relocating. Because they are flexible and water-resistant, heavy-duty tarps are also used to cover food and non-food items and keep them undamaged throughout the transit trip. Tarps can also serve as a temporary shelter of livestock in farms, or as a lightweight equipment coverage or temporary walls and fences in construction sites.

  • Budget-Friendly

Not only are tarps versatile, portable and resilient, they are inexpensive too. A good-quality tarp allows you to temporarily cover leaks and prevent further damage on your roof or windows for several weeks or a few months until help from professional contractors arrive. Quickly tacking up some lightweight yet durable sheeting can limit the total damage to your home, thus saving you a lot of money on future repair and renovation.

  • Simple Installation

Grizzly Tarps come with built-in grommets, making the installation process quick and easy. Our products are lightweight enough for one or two people to install, and with minimal tools required. They even come in various industry standard sizes to fit most of your application needs.


Grizzly tarps require minimal maintenance. Apart from being water-proof, our tarps are also mildew-proof and come with heat-sealed seams. They are washable too!

Choosing the Right Tarp

Choosing the right tarp for your project is important so that you get the results you desire. In order to get the right tarp, there are a few things you need to consider.

Suitability to the Environment

Water repellence is a common quality of most tarps. But unless you only want a single protection for all seasons, you may want to choose a tarp that resists too much heat and sunlight, as well as strong winds. Grizzly Tarps make a great choice for any home or commercial project. Our tarps have undergone extensive treatment to resist not just water, but also mildew, mold, and rot.

Size and Thickness

Grizzly Tarps come in varying sizes and thickness to fit various types of applications. For most home projects, the Blue Grizzly Tarp offers a lightweight and long-lasting protection. The Silver Grizzly Tarps, on the other hand, provide heavy duty coverage – an ideal choice for industrial use.


Grizzly Tarps are made from highest-quality polyethylene weave which is considered the workhorse of all tarpaulins. The Silver Grizzly Tarp is even UV-proof to resist extreme heat. With our top-of-the-line products, you won’t be worried about possible tearing during stressful installations.