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There are varying types of materials used in manufacturing tarps, depending on their applications or uses. Poly tarps are made from polyethylene – the most common plastic which is also used in manufacturing many other products, from shampoo bottles to children’s toys, furniture, and even bullet proof vests.

Polyethylene is a highly durable material. Apart from its strong structure, poly tarps for sale are usually treated to resist UV and water, making them an ideal choice for outdoor applications.

Unlike canvass tarps, poly tarps have greater flexibility, making them withstand freezing temperatures without hardening. This quality makes this particular type of tarp very popular not only for home use but also for commercial and industrial applications.

Poly tarps can be classified as either “light duty” or “heavy duty”. Light duty poly tarps are great for covering items, such as a truckload or a leaky roof as well as a temporary shelter or camping tent.

Meanwhile, super heavy duty poly tarps are longer lasting tarps suitable for long travels where there is a need for extra protection against changing and extreme weather conditions.

Best Solutions with Poly Tarps

Poly tarps are not simply the blue tarps you commonly see in local hardware stores. As mentioned, these tarps come in varying designs and build. There are also heavy duty and lumber tarps, among others.

Cheap blue poly tarps come in handy whenever you need a temporary protection from elements like rain or extreme heat. Knowing the different poly tarps available in the market today helps you choose the best one that suits your needs and budget.

Basically, aside from the length and width, poly tarps also vary in weight of the fabric and the thickness of the material used.

Below are the most common uses of poly tarps:

  • Worksite protection

Poly tarps are widely used in construction for securing the job site against the sun, wind, and rain. They are also used as barriers to contain the site and prevent debris and dirt from spreading out. Specially designed tarps like heat welding poly tarps are flame and tear resistant, which are an excellent choice for industrial applications.

  • Roof Repair

If you have leak in your roof and contractors can’t come right away, poly tarps make a great temporary fix. Silver tarps are most suitable for roof repairs because of their thickness and extraordinary strength and flexibility.

  • Yard Cleanup

Large poly tarps are great for yard cleanup. They make collecting leaves and other debris easy after raking or blowing them. They can also serve as a compost pile or yard waste container.

  • Goods/Products Cover

Whatever it is – wood, hay, construction materials, machines, equipment, even perishable products – poly tarps make a durable protective cover especially when transporting such items.

Best Poly Tarps in the Market

Grizzly tarps are among the best poly tarps made in USA. Whether you’re looking for waterproof silver or blue tarps wholesale, we’ve got you covered! Our tarps are made from high-quality polyethylene material that is further enhanced and made durable with border piping.

This ensures stronger ends and prevents tearing even during the most stressful and demanding application.

Grizzly poly tarps can be used as boat, car or vehicle cover, truck bed cover, ground cover, an emergency roof patch material, or as a drop sheet. They are lightweight and washable for easy transport and maintenance. Furthermore, each tarp has built-in grommets every 34″ that allows for secure tie-downs.

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