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In the search of heavy-duty tarps? Search no more. Grizzly’s heavy-duty tarps, which come in different sizes, are available for all your residential, commercial or industrial application needs.

What is Heavy Duty Tarp?

Heavy-duty tarp or tarpaulin is made from superior-quality polyethylene weave that offers unparalleled protection for your property or work site. It is most suitable for a wide range of construction, commercial and industrial applications, but no less a great choice for home projects too. These tarps are thicker and stronger than regular sheets and are often treated to resist water and other damaging components like mold, mildew, and extreme heat.

Because of their superior strength and durability, super heavy duty tarps come in handy for a multitude of tasks, ranging from small-scale home improvements like constructing a shed or roof tarps for covering damage, to large-scale commercial/industrial projects such as protecting the job site from falling debris, covering the ground, and providing privacy for the job site.

Heavy-duty tarps are normally used to cover and protect construction equipment as well as the workers when they have to work in the cold, offering warm air right where it’s needed. Heavy-duty silver tarps, on the other hand, are specifically made for reflecting the rays of the sun. Farmers and landscapers prefer this tarp type because it has superior capabilities to provide protection against extreme heat.

These tarps are also great for patios – creating a cool space during the summer season.

Where Can You Use Heavy Duty Tarps?

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, heavy-duty tarps are great for the following uses:

  • Machinery cover – used in manufacturing industries to cover and secure small to large equipment. They are also widely used as truck shipping coverage.
  • Factory curtains – heavy-duty tarps make a low-cost, durable choice for factories in various industries.
  • Water-channeling and flood control – heavy-duty waterproof tarps make a sturdy temporary barrier against flood. It can be used against outside walls and on outdoor structures and landscaping as temporary protection.
  • Transport truck cover – whether you are hauling in the winter or under extreme sunlight, these tarps won’t crack.
  • Roofing cover – heavy-duty tarps for roofs are used as temporary protection from leaks to avoid further damage until professional contractors arrive.

Heavy-duty tarp shelters are lightweight, durable and can be easily installed to act as a temporary shelter. There are no limits to the application of these tarps. They are flexible, durable, and certainly last longer.

Types of Heavy Duty Tarps

  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarp – this waterproof tarp is ideal for agricultural, construction, and industrial uses. Vinyl tarps are often used as truck covers because they can withstand heavy demands and long-distance travels. Even if you leave them exposed outdoors for a long time, these heavy-duty tarps do not easily deteriorate.
  • Heavy Duty Canvas Tarp – an extremely versatile material that has a lot of uses. It is made from a breathable yet water-resistant material that is ideal for flatbed loads which are moisture-sensitive, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Heavy duty canvas tarps are also easier to fold than their vinyl counterparts.
  • Clear tarp – made of clear PVC vinyl material and a thick nylon thread shaft to assure a long-lasting life. Heavy-duty clear tarps can be used as temporary enclosures for construction areas, tent sidewalls, green room enclosures, industrial covers, and more.
  • Clear vinyl tarp – made from a high-quality PVC material that is resistant to chemicals, grease and mildew. These heavy-duty tarps are used as patio or winter curtains, as well as equipment covers as they can withstand severe weather and abrasion.
  • Hay tarp – perfect for agricultural uses, heavy-duty hay tarps offer flexibility and portability over barns or purpose-built structures.

Where to Buy Heavy Duty Tarps

Grizzly’s heavy-duty tarps are among the best tarpaulins available in the market today. Made from a tight 14 x 14 sq. inch weaved and laminated polyethylene, they are designed to provide long-term protection for your property, vehicle, equipment, and other valuables.

Grizzly’s best heavy-duty tarps (silver) have a thickness of 10 mils, and are available in four sizes – 8’x10′, 12’x16′, 12’x20′, and 20’x30′ to fit most of your coverage needs. These waterproof tarps come with grommets every 18 inches. The heat-sealed seams with border piping along with a rope sewn inside the hem make the entire sheet even stronger. Grizzly’s heavy-duty tarps are also washable for convenient cleaning and maintenance.

Moreover, they are treated to resist UV, water, and mold so there’s no worrying about changing weather conditions, particularly the extreme heat during summer days or heavy rains and wind during the winter season. For a long-lasting cover that’s lightweight and easy to handle, you can count on heavy-duty Grizzly silver tarps.