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Tarp is probably one of the most useful and versatile inventions in the world. There’s no denying that it has profound uses not only for homeowners and individuals but also in commercial and industrial industries. From truck covers to camping gears, tarps are certainly a must-have.

A tarp is a large sheet of strong, flexible material that is waterproof. One of the most amazing uses of tarp is when it comes to paint application. Painting is probably one of the most common property improvement jobs but it is also one of the most complicated and tedious.

There’s a lot of preparation involved. Essentially, you want to secure everything else first – from the furniture to the floors, carpets, doors and windows.

Tarps make a perfect cover for any painting project. Similar with drop cloths, you can just lay it on various surfaces. There are various types of tarp, some of which are able to absorb paint spills, dust and debris for faster cleanup. There are also tarps that can be used as a painting canvass.

Paint Tarp Usage

Canvas and plastic are among the most commonly used painting tarps. Some people use disposable plastic tarps which are much less expensive. However, if you plan to use the tarp over again or for some other home improvement jobs, high-quality tarps are a better investment as they are often washable and reusable.

For most interior paint applications, canvas tarps offer better protection than plastic tarps.

Canvas paint tarps stay put and they aren’t slippery, making them a perfect protective covering for the floor. Meanwhile, plastic tarps need to be taped in order to stay in place, which could mean additional task.

Nonetheless, plastic tarps have great applications for some painting jobs too, particularly when applying paint or texture on the ceilings. You can cover walls and doors with plastic tarp before applying paint on the ceiling.

For exterior work, reinforced plastic tarps are more suitable as they are resistant to tearing, rain or water, and extreme heat. Most heavy-duty paint tarps have built-in grommets for tying them down.

Grizzly Paint Tarps for Sale

If you’re looking for quality paint tarps for sale, you should definitely consider Grizzly tarps. These multipurpose tarps are available in varying sizes. They make a perfect tarp for both interior and exterior paint applications because of their superior quality and thickness.

Grizzly offers blue and silver tarps. The blue tarp is a primary choice for all sorts of protection because it’s lightweight and folds up quite compactly. It is also reasonably pliable. Grizzly blue plastic paint tarps are great for almost any other purposes as well.

Best Paint Tarp

When it is impossible to paint with a brush without ever getting a drip on the floor or spray paint without causing splatters on the wall and on your furniture, a tarp is the most useful, inexpensive solution.

Grizzly tarps are among the best paint tarps available in the market today. Thick, strong and highly resistant, these tarps make an ideal choice for all kinds of paint jobs.