Lawn Care In Winter: Keeping Your Garden Healthy And Happy 

Lawn Care In Winter

Gardening is one of the most enjoyable activities in the home. We get to choose which plants to put in the garden, plant them together with the children, maintain them throughout any season and watch them grow and beautify our home. But does gardening stop during the dry season such as winter? The answer to that would be an obvious no. In fact, it is in winter that we should take care of our garden so that it will be viable for planting in spring. Most of you might neglect taking care of your garden because it is winter and you know that your front yard will only be filled with snow. It is time for you to familiarize and know the ways that you can take care of your lawn in the winter.  

Some countries leave their lawns to sit during winter. There are parts of the world where it is too cold to grow grass, leaving no choice for them but to wait for spring. But for those in the south, it is possible to grow ryegrass into the turf to maintain a grassy lawn. It is important to remember that we can still take care of our lawn even during the winter season. Once you have to take this step of identifying whether your lawn is still viable for growth even in winter, you can now follow these steps in taking care of your lawn:  

Water your lawn

You might think that “oh! I don’t need to water my lawn. The ice will take care of it.” Contrary to this thinking, when you neglect to water the lawn in winter, you actually leave it to dry instead of being moist. Regardless of the amount of snow in the lawn, remember to rake it on the regular so that snow does not completely build up. After raking, spray it with some water using a hose. This will help keep retain the moisture of the soil during the winter season.  

Use fertilizer 

Just like on an ordinary day, applying fertilizer to your lawn can help maintain its good health. Make sure that the fertilizer penetrates the soil. You can do this with a spreader and only apply the recommended amount for the size of your land as overdoing it can also burn existing grass.  

Clean it up 

Do not neglect your lawn during the winter. Debris such as leaves and twigs can be a breeding ground for disease and can also harm the grass. Tools such as shovels, rake, and toys used outdoors should also be set aside so as to prevent any dirt from accumulating on your lawn.  

Give the soil some oxygen by aerating 

Provide air for the growing grass by aerating your lawn. You can do this by removing clumps of soil. Creating some holes with a rake or shovel. This will allow for air to enter the deep, buried parts of the soil and encourage the growth of grass. 

Plant grass seed especially made to grow for winter 

Wouldn’t it be nice to still see growing grass even if it is winter? Who says that grass or other crops cannot grow during winter? Spread grass seed throughout your lawn evenly while doing the maintenance methods mentioned in nos. 1-4 and watch your lawn thrive even during the winter season. On very cold nights and heavy snow, you can cover the newly planted seeds with heavy duty tarps to protect them from too much cold and the weight of snow. An important step is not to allow your lawn to dry out as your efforts will go to waste when the grass wither and die. Water it once a day and rake the debris or any type of dirt away.  

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Be aware of traffic 

Relatives will surely come to your house during the holidays. Be sure to put up signs where appropriate. When people are coming and going and stepping on the grass, we cannot expect them to last long especially during winter. As much as possible, if you want to grow some grass, you can do so in areas with less traffic. 

These are the six tips to lawn care this winter season. Remember that winter season may be dry but your garden doesn’t have to be. You can freshen them up with some grass and even experiment with flowers that also grow in winter. Happy holidays everyone! 


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