Homegrown Handyman’s Top 10 Tools and Materials to Act Like a Pro

handyman's tools and materials

Behind every great handyman are his power tools. You don’t walk into a client’s house bear handed. Neither would you go in with just a few basic tools? As you check on the plumbing system, install a new TV set, or drill a hole on the wall, you’ll never know what other areas you might uncover that need to be repaired. You can’t just tap the homeowner to get the materials you need to fix the damage (that’s totally embarrassing!).

From the all-around hammer to screwdrivers, pliers and even duct tapes, here are handyman’s tools and materials you need to be the ultimate handyman everybody wants to hire in town.

#1 Hammer

With the availability of cordless drills today, who would need a hammer? Well, despite the high-tech power tools for handyman contractors, the hammer remains to be a basic necessity. Don’t think it’s just for pounding nails. There are so many things you can do with this old-age construction tool. For example, the claw serves as a mini ax that lets you split wood blocks or chop off protruding board edges. Hammer is also great for tearing down drywall and straightening out-of-shape blades. The handle may also be used as a caulking plunger.

#2 Screwdriver

Another basic, very important tool any handyman shouldn’t go without. Screwdrivers have been around since the 15th century and these tools have remained valuable in the home construction industry. Power screwdrivers are more popular these days although you can always purchase a basic manual set that has all sizes available. When buying a power screwdriver, always consider the use/power, torque and speed, design, and screw types.

#3 Wrench

An adjustable wrench can give you a superhuman strength when tightening or loosening fasteners. There are other kinds of a wrench, such as an open-end wrench, ratchet wrench, and crowfoot wrench. Using the right style of a wrench to make your project easier.

#4 Pliers

Never underestimate what pliers can do. A good pair of pliers helps you tighten and loosen a variety of things when a wrench is not necessary. It is also used to cut, twist and straighten wires, and grip something round like a pipe or rod.

#5 Tarps

Tarps are a life-saver. They can be used for a lot of purposes, from covering furniture, walls, floors, and appliances during a repair or painting job, to setting up a worksite outside of the house. Tarps make a sturdy protective covering. And because it’s lightweight, you can always put it inside your bag and pull it out anytime you need it.

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#6 Tape

Seriously? Yes. Believe it or not, duct tapes can do miracles in your projects, just like the tarp. It can be used to solve some odd problems and as a temporary fix, from fixing leaky pipes to covering holes, etc. You will never know when you need it so make sure to have this handy adhesive accessible at all times.

#7 Utility Knife

A must-have in every handyman’s toolbox. Having a utility knife is another life-saver. It’s portable, convenient, and used for so many purposes, from cutting ropes and wires to more complex tasks. It is especially suitable for small projects.

#8 C-Clamps

Especially if you handle projects alone, you will need a C-clamp to hold several pieces of wood or metal together or fasten oversized sheet goods that are awkward to carry. If you specialize in woodwork, you will find C-clamp a very useful tool.

#9 Tape Measure

Whether you’re building a kitchen cabinet or a custom table or making sure that the TV perfectly fits the den, having a retractable metal measuring tape is a must. Accurate measurements are behind every successful home project.

#10 Flashlight

From time to time, you will find yourself crawling into dark spaces, peeking through holes, and checking underneath counters. That’s why you should always have a flashlight. It is also a necessity during an emergency. Opt for a durable, handy, and rechargeable flashlight for best results.

Depending on the usual types of jobs you handle, you will find some more handyman’s tools necessary in your toolbox. The more complete your set is, the better. But these 10 are among the most basic items that you will find very useful in most cases. Make sure that you have all these before you knock on your client’s door for a quick, stress-free and successful project that will bring you more and more customers in no time!


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