Christmas Guide: 4 Ways To Store Christmas Decorations

4 Ways To Store Christmas Decorations

As early as September, we already see Christmas decorations around the corner. This is an exciting time of the year for most people. This is a time where families come together and catch up with everything that has happened to them throughout the year. Decorating has become a part of the Christmas tradition. Each family has their own way of celebrating Christmas. It may be as sophisticated as putting garlands in every window or as simple as setting up a Christmas tree. Some people love to set up their Christmas villages. These are small, figurine-like houses which come in different designs. There come in human shapes, animals, buildings, cars, etc. Whatever your style is in decorating, we all know that buying these Christmas decorations is an investment and this is a yearly celebration, thus, it is important for us to take care of them so that we don’t have to spend every year. We can simply add or replace them each year for a more updated taste and model designs. Here are some of the best ways to store your Christmas decorations: 

Mighty Christmas Tree 

If you opted to use the live, actual tree, then storing it is not a problem. If you have trees around you during winter that are okay to be cut-off, you can use this as your Christmas tree inside the house. Be watchful of pests. If you and your family have chosen a tall, artificial tree, it is important to store the tree correctly. There are trees with foldable branches, there are those with removable branches and the ones that are not removable at all. For trees that have removable branches, you can remove and classify these by length, wrap them in heavy duty tarps and label. When you set up your Christmas tree, you will notice that there are levels, so you can label the trunk with the nos. 1-5, if there are five levels corresponding to the length, wrap tape around the tarp and set them aside. Be sure to seal the top portion as well to prevent dust from entering.  

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Fragile Christmas Lights 

Christmas lights, as compared to the Christmas tree, is more fragile. Since we do not want to shop for light every Christmas, it is best to store them correctly. One way you can do this is by using cardboard. Cut the flaps of boxes and wrap the lights on them. For easier access, next year, classify the lights by color as well. You can also put a label by writing it on the cardboard or box flap so you can grab the color that you want to use easily. Roll the Christmas lights like you would a thread or your electric charging cables. Then set them side by side inside a box so as they don’t bump other decorations. It is best to put the lights in the box for better protection and storage.  

Soft Christmas Linen 

Christmas linen such as table clothes, pillowcases and sofa cover for the living room can be placed inside plastic containers or boxes. There is less lesser worry when storing your Christmas linen because they are not breakable and can just be washed next year but to save yourself from having to wash them next year, it is better to store them in clean garbage bags or clear plastic bags so you can see the design when it is time to redecorate. Of course, you can always place them inside the cabinet. You should have a separate cabinet for all Christmas decorations.  

Fragrant Christmas Candles 

Christmas candles add accent to every concept or design. Scented Christmas candles are even better because you will have the room smelling in whatever way you want it. Apples, oak tree, maybe strawberries or lemon. When you buy a large scented candle, you do not always light this up. Usually, we use this at night time or when guests are around. It is best to not throw away the box which came along with these candles when you bought them because you can just put them back there and store them in room temperature. Also, you may already classify the small candles from the big candles, the white ones from the red ones. You can use a box with several divisions and put the candles side by side. Thereafter, you can put this inside your Christmas decoration cabinet storage, paying attention that it does not get exposed directly to heat.  

These are the best ways to store your Christmas decorations. Remember that Christmas is a yearly celebration and when you have a systematic way of storing your decorations, you save yourself the hassle of looking for your decoration and spend more time conceptualizing your design. Let us know how you store your decorations! Comment below.


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