Best Gifts for Campers and Hikers to Give this Holiday Season

Best Gifts for Campers

Christmas is fast approaching which means parties and get-togethers are everywhere. But with so many cool stuff online, finding the perfect holiday present can be a tricky one. Whether you are looking for gift ideas for your office party or for your friends, there’s most probably someone who loves to receive something they can use for hiking or camping. So what are the best gifts for campers and hikers?

Difference between Hiking and Camping

Before you go shopping for outdoor gift ideas, it’s important to know that hiking and camping are two different things. Yes, they are both types of outdoor adventures and are highly similar. But the gears that hikers use are different from that of campers. Paying attention to what activities they normally do will help you find the perfect gift idea for your outdoorsy friends.

Difference between Hiking and Camping

What is camping?

Camping is perhaps the most common outdoor activity which basically involves sleeping in a tent for a night or two (sometimes a few days). It doesn’t have to be a “tent” actually. It can be a cabin or an RV. Now, it can be a luxurious hotel-like accommodation in the case of “glamping”. To enjoy the great outdoors, campers need several items in their backpacks (will discuss later).

What is hiking?

Hiking is a more recreational way to enjoy the great outdoors. It involves walking across long distances (generally shorter than trekking), often, through a predefined trail or path. Ít’s a great activity to relax and stay fit. Many people who love to travel make sure they engage in some hiking activities when visiting different places or countries.

Gifts for Campers and Hikers

Now that you know the difference between these two popular outdoor activities, it’ll be much easier to find the perfect gift.

Gifts for Campers and Hikers

Here are general gifts for campers and hikers:

Outdoor Stove

Regardless of what they call themselves – hikers or campers – they all need to eat! A portable outdoor stove is an essential gear for any adventure in the outdoors. Go for an ultra-light burner that barely takes space in their backpack or RV.

LED Headlamp

It can be extremely dark out in the woods. A hiker or a camper will surely need some light. Some things to consider when shopping for LED headlamps are beam distance, battery life, durability, comfort, and ruggedness.

Swiss Pocketknife

A life-saving gear – a pocketknife has so many uses for hiking or camping. It’s useful for preparing food, preparing fires, working with cords or ropes, and performing first aid. This is a trusted tool for all outdoor adventurers in the world. You can’t be a hiker or a camper without one.

Stainless Steel Bottle

Staying hydrated is important for every camper or hiker. It can be difficult to find safe drinking water in the outdoors which is why a reusable bottle is extremely important. Make your gift extra special by choosing a stainless steel bottle that’s not just sturdy but can also hold warm or cold beverages for hours.

Water Filter

A water filter is another lifesaver. Portable water purification treatment systems come in various types, such as the squeeze-style filters, gravity filters, chemical purification, ultraviolet purification, and much more.

Maps and Guidebooks

Exploring the outdoors is much easier with maps and guidebooks. You’ll find guidebooks specific to some of the popular hiking or camping sites in the world. They are super helpful for novice campers/hikers as well as those traveling to a foreign land for the first time.

Portable Charger Bar

Electronic devices like phones, handheld GPS, and cameras are helpful when exploring natural environments. But they all have the same downside: they run out of battery. This gift idea for campers and hikers will surely make your friend or officemate super delighted.

Sleeping Pad

While hiking doesn’t usually involve overnight stays, some people choose to take longer hikes. A sleeping pad ensures that they get enough Zzzs each day.

Gifts for Campers

Gifts for campers

Camping involves overnight stays. Here are some cool camping Christmas gift ideas for your outdoorsy friends and colleagues:


Probably the most useful gear for camping lovers. It’s not camping when you don’t have a tent!

Camping tarp

Tarps come in handy during emergency situations (camping in the rain, wild animals nearby, securing items and belongings, etc).
Apart from the tarp quality, finding the right size is also crucial. Camping experts recommend a 9×9 square tarp for creating a variety of shelter for one person, or 8×10 tarp to create a single hammock.

Camping chair

Because a camper deserves a comfortable spot to just sit back and enjoy the views.

Camping towel

The best camping towels are lightweight, highly absorbent, quick-drying, and durable.

Campfire mug

A cup of coffee in a cold morning while watching the sun rises or the birds fly is the best thing ever.

Compressible pillow

One of the best camping gifts for international travelers to car campers.

Gifts for Hikers

Gifts for Hikers

When it comes to Christmas gifts for hikers, the options are virtually endless. From hiking kit essentials to outerwear and more technical gears, you’ll find it all.

Check out these unique hiking gifts:

Hiking Backpack

Great hiking backpacks have features like an easy-to-open system, quick-access outer pockets, a spacious hip belt pocket, and durable construction.

Trekking Poles

These are common hiking accessory that provides walkers stability on the trail.


This is so helpful for a quick nap in the trees.


This helps keep their feet dry in rainy weather.

Hiking shoes

These are some of the best gifts for hikers. Look for the shoe that has strong traction, waterproof construction, and flexible midsole.

Map and compass

Very much needed for navigation.

Survival medical kit

Because it can get dangerous out there in the wild.

Portable seat cushion

This can be taken anywhere in the trail, whenever the hiker needs to get some rest.

Firestarter paracord bracelet

With this tool, it’s much easier to start a fire, cook food, and stay warm.


If you’ve run out of ideas for the perfect holiday gift or have way too many of them, don’t worry. This guide will help you navigate through the best gifts for this holiday season.

Enjoy the holidays!



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