Awesome Independence Day Activities 2019

Independence Day Activities

Independence Day is just around the corner. Have you decided what to do on this special day? if you’re running out of the 4th of July ideas, this post is for you. The following creative Independence Day celebration ideas are sure to make your day fun and memorable!

Pack a Picnic

Nothing beats the traditional 4th of July picnic. When the sun is out (which sure is), isn’t it fun to go out with the whole family and head to the nearest park where you can enjoy the fine weather and stunning landscapes? Of course, picnics are incomplete without food! Prepping everything the night before should help you relax and enjoy the entire day with your fam bam.

Here are some easy picnic food and picnic basket ideas for your 4th of July celebration:

Go easy with food wraps

What’s a picnic without some sandwiches? It doesn’t matter if you’re roasting meat from scratch or making use of some leftovers, you will definitely have a delicious filling for your wraps by adding a mix of vegetables and spices in season. Wraps are easy to prepare and easy to eat. Your children can enjoy them while running around. For a more patriotic presentation, wrap each sandwich with 4th of July colors.

Don’t forget to indulge in a festive dessert

Make jar cakes in advance, topping each one with delicious berries (strawberries, blueberries, etc.) Mason jar cakes are great for traveling.

Prep your picnic supplies. Make sure you have everything you need – plastic tableware and silverware, napkins, beverage, beer or wine, knife, cutlery, ice packs, and of course, a camera. You surely would love to have some photos!

Go for a Bike Ride

Riding a bicycle is another fun Independence Day idea. Many organizations are hosting cycle challenges on the 4th of July. Make sure to check out the guidelines, as well as the respective bike routes. If you’re having a bike trip with the rest of the family, including your children, ensure their safety by having them wear protective gear, such as a helmet, knee pads, and the right shoes.

Here are some tips for a fun bike ride:

Pick the right bike

For children below 6 years old, bike seats or trailers are the safest options. For 7 years-old, a bike with six or seven gears is safer. And for 8 years and above, choose a bike with 21 gears.

Practice bicycle

Make sure everyone in your family is aware of the safety rules and road signs.

Choose kid-friendly routes

Avoid busy roads, overly hilly routes, and other paths that are not safe for children.

Enjoy the views

And the fresh air!

Camp with Family or Friends

Who doesn’t love camping? With so many camping activities to enjoy, your 4th of July celebration with your family or friends will surely be a hit! Speaking of ‘hit’, why not take rounders or baseball equipment along with you and enjoy a big family tournament?

Here are some camping ideas that are sure to bring more fun, relaxation, and entertainment to your Independence Day celeb:

Choose a family-friendly camping location. Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. You don’t have to go far. Head to the nearest campsite in your area. Create a camping checklist and make sure to bring all camping essentials, such as tarps for covering your tent and personal items, a mattress, food and snacks, first aid kit, and water. Don’t forget to decorate your tent with American flaglets!

Prepare summer camping fun games. Examples are patriotic balloon pop, Fourth of July bingo, American history competition, and Patriotic scavenger hunt.

Prep some delicious 4th of July food. To make your celebration more fun, bring portable cookware. There are simple recipes you can try, such as breakfast burritos, grilled pork, kebabs, and of course – the traditional smores and hotdogs. Use Independence Day-themed paper cups and plates.

Enjoy the outdoors. It’s time to explore the beautiful landscapes.

Host a Block Party

What could be a better way to bring neighbors together and celebrate Independence Day than a block party? Hosting a block party doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here are some 4th of July party tips that will make your party with the neighbors a lot of fun:

Prepare potluck dishes

An Independence Day party is incomplete without food, of course. Have everyone bring their favorite dish. You’ll find lots of 4th of July menu ideas online that are easy to prepare. If possible, assign a type of food for each neighbor. For example, one or two will bring dessert (whatever they fancy), others will take care of the main course, and some will be in charge of the drinks.

Plan games for kids/adults

The celebration is incomplete without some fun 4th of July games. Water balloons, scavenger hunt, carnival games, and relay race are perfect for the kiddos while American history challenge, lawn beer pong, and patriotic card games are great picks for adults. Among the super fun 4th of July party ideas is the Independence Day Costume Contest. Have everyone wear their best costume. Make sure the winner gets a prize!

Have fun decorating

Aside from preparing 4th of July snacks, you also want to decorate your venue. You will find a lot of patriotic day décor and supplies in many local shops and even online. Among the staples are mini American flags, tableware, patriotic toys, bunting, banners, hanging fans, and balloons. Create an organizing committee that will be in charge of decorating the venue. It’s great if you can have a photo booth. Everyone loves taking pictures!

Aside from watching the beautiful fireworks, there are many other things you can do to make your Independence Day celebration memorable. Among the best 4th of July, ideas are family picnics where you can enjoy your loved ones’ company as you savor delicious food. Another fun activity to try is camping. Just make sure to choose a family-friendly location and trail if you have little ones. Lastly, you can host a block party. It’s not just a fun event to celebrate Independence Day. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to bond with your neighbors over good food and drinks.


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