Activities To Do While Backyard Camping

Activities To Do While Backyard Camping

Thinking of a fun place to go this weekend with your fam bam? Well, you need not go far. Sometimes, the most memorable family getaway happens at home. If you love the outdoors, it’s a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the summer season and camp… right in your backyard!

Kids love camping. They really enjoy the idea of sleeping under the skies, roasting hotdogs, making s’mores, and playing around. However, camping can be a tedious activity for many parents as it involves lots of hassles, from preparation to driving miles and miles away to expensive, often crowded campsites.

That’s why the backyard makes a perfect campsite for some families. Backyard camping only takes a few supplies, a bit of planning, and some fun ideas and activities to make it memorable not just for the kids but for mom and dad too! Here they are:

Set up a play tent

First things first – you want a nice, cute play tent where your kids will be spending some time in, probably the entire night. It’s even better if you can involve them in this task. After all, it’s where the fun of outdoor camping begins! Put some books, board games, coloring materials, arts and crafts, legos, and other stuff that they can quietly play inside.

Set up a hammock

You don’t need an expensive one. A DIY hammock made from high-quality tarp will do the trick! It’s easy to make and won’t cost you more than ten bucks! Hammocks also make a great alternative to tents but you can have both! After all, you’re just staying in your backyard so the hassle is incredibly less! Children love being cradled in a hammock while taking in the fresh air and listening to music. So relaxing!

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Physical playtime is a must!

In addition to the things they can do inside the tent, you should also incorporate physical activities. After all – what’s camping without one? Sure they can’t hike. But your kids can run, play hide and seek, or perhaps go through a DIY obstacle course made with ropes, tires, tins, and anything else you can find in your backyard. To make it more exciting, devise a small tournament where the triumphant players can expect a prize! And because it’s summer and it’s hot, bubbles and water balloons are certainly a winner!

Snacks and outdoor cooking

After all the running, hiding, jumping, and laughing out, everyone is surely feeling hungry. It’s time to start outdoor cooking – grilling some delicious sausages, hot dogs, burgers, and other family favorites. If you have an enclosed fire pit, much better! It will make your backyard camping even more authentic. After all, plates have been cleaned up, it’s time for some sweet dessert… s’mores!


Okay here’s one of the most wonderful activities to do – enjoying the night sky. Your kids will definitely enjoy counting stars, naming constellations, or drawing them. It’s a perfect way to teach them about astronomy and start engaging in conversations.

Tell campfire stories

It can be scary ones or funny ones, depending on what your family prefers. You can even involve everyone in the whole storytelling! For instance, you can begin and let everyone add content to the story as you go around the circle. Who knows – you and your kids can craft a beautiful plot worthy of being published!

Hike around the neighborhood

Are there nearby roads or parks you haven’t visited yet? Now’s the best time to explore them. Put on your backpacks, cameras, and binoculars for a more authentic ‘hiking’ feel. Instruct your kids to take nature samples, such as rocks, flowers, wood, and other items to examine later. Don’t forget to take nature photos!

Get your zzz…

Don’t expect a full night of heavy sleep. Your kids are still in a ‘high’ after all the fun things they did throughout the day. They sure still have some adrenaline for some nighttime games like card games and storytelling. And for sure, there will be lots of turning and tossing especially if there are more than two kids inside the tent. If sleeping bags are uncomfortable, put a mattress onto the patio. If they insist on going back to the house, that’s fine as well. That’s the benefit of camping in your backyard. You have all the resources you possibly need!

Who says staying at home is boring? Put away those video games and let your kids experience what it’s like to be a kid during your time – lots of playtimes outside! Going outdoors is not only fun, but it’s also great for their physical and mental health. And speaking of outdoor activities, nothing beats camping. The best thing is? You don’t need to travel far too expensive and crowded campsites. You can set up your own campsite right in your backyard. Hope this article has given you great ideas to make this experience fun and unforgettable for you and your kids!


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