Disaster Preparedness Plan: Get Prepared Today + [Infographic]

Based on the Annual Disaster Statistical Review 2016, 342 major disasters occurred worldwide, affecting 569.4 million people – the highest since 2006. This accounted to $ 153.9 economic loss, which translates to thousands of devastated properties and livelihood.

Many people think that disaster won’t happen to them. Maybe it won’t. But it can.

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How to Make a Shade Canopy with a Tarp

Canopy tents make a great addition to your outdoor space as it can serve so many purposes. While you can readily buy a canopy at your local store, there’s nothing more satisfying than building your own. Canopies made from tarpaulin are sturdy, lightweight (which makes them so convenient to set up), and are way cheaper covers than commercially built canopies. With a few materials, you can make your own canopy in no time!

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How to Tarp a Roof Like a Pro

Being the most exposed part of your house, your roof is probably the one which was most damaged. And during such time, it can be difficult to find professionals who will fix your roof right away. Installing tarp on your roof is easier than you think. It only requires a few steps to do it properly. Check out this step-by-step instruction on how to tarp a roof like a pro!

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