about grizzly tarps


Who we are

How did Grizzly Tarps come about? Well, we could say that the company was born out of a conversation between two guys tarp camping in the wild one summer. They found themselves requiring reliable protection from the elements and wishing they brought a better tarp. But that wouldn’t be the case here. It’s a good story though, right?

In truth, Grizzly Tarps is a subsidiary of a B-Air, a manufacturing company that creates high quality equipment for several industries such as water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, janitorial/sanitation, pet and large animal grooming, and inflatable industries. They’ve been the go-to source for professionals in business for these industries for almost 20 years.

A Bit on Grizzly Tarps History

So, how did that come about? Well, it started out with one mission in mind – to provide top quality waterproof tarps. Of course, leaking roofs were the first problems we wanted to solve. With the extreme changes in weather, you need to be prepared to have an emergency roof tarp on hand if any damage occurs. But that’s not the only thing we were thinking about here at Grizzly Tarps. We started thinking about landscaping, hay tarps, construction, patio roofing, camping tarps, and even survival situations. So many uses for such a simple product. With just a little bit of creativity, blue and silver tarps may just be what you need to get things done or make things happen. And we wanted to be the ones to provide that.

We Care About You

Now, you may have noticed that our products are somewhat related to what B-Air offers. It’s because we want to work with what we know best. We want to ensure that B-Air’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction remains at the heart of our business. Whether you choose B-Air products or Grizzly Tarps, you’re getting products that have been specifically designed to get the job done well and last for a good long while.

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